Cybercriminals setup game with Hybrid Bots, Know what is Hybrid Bots?

How Cybercriminals Step Up Their Game With Hybrid Bots

Case History –

In one state, at one bank, in just one weekend, 800 fraudulent attempts were made to open new deposit accounts. While many failed initial identity verification checks, 223 attempts, or 27%, were successful in creating deposit accounts. System identified these accounts were high-risk as indicated by the patterns associated with cybercriminal behavior during the account opening process, and they were promptly locked by the financial institution before they could be used for fraudulent purposes.

How Cybercriminals Step Up Their Game With Hybrid Bots

The attack strategy operates in a hybrid bot model where they observed a combination of human and robotic interactions in the sessions. The mouse movements are completed by a human, but many of the important elements are filled out by a bot.

When investigators compared the mouse movement patterns of a genuine applicant to one of the hybrid examples, it is obvious that the mouse patterns are the result of human interaction. However, when we looked deeper into the behavior exhibited across other data entry points in the application process, there were strong indicators of bot activity. When comparing the entry speed of First Name and SSN(Social Security Number) between a ‘fast human’ and a representative bot session from the fraud population, the characters are entered at a speed that cannot possibly be attained by a human.

In studying the patterns associated with this attack, risk team found that 75% of all fraudulent applications were completed using this hybrid bot method. There were also several other commonalities uncovered specific to copy and paste events and the use of the clipboard after an application was submitted.

What is Stimulus Fraud?

First understand what is Stimulus?

Stimulus Package is a package of tax rebates and incentives used by government of various countries to save country from financial crisis.

Description: The idea behind a stimulus package is to provide tax rebates and boost spending, as spending increases demand, which leads to an increase in employment rate which in turn increases income and hence boosts spending. This cycle continues until the economy recovers from collapse.


Stimulus fraud is clearly still prevalent, and banks have been working around the clock to come up with innovative ways to stop it. One of the prevention tactics many banks have deployed is to stop fraudulent accounts from being opened at all. Simply put, if criminals have nowhere to send the money, they can’t steal it

Behavioral biometrics provided the extra layer of visibility needed to detect fraud in the account opening process and uncover new customers who really weren’t customers at all.

Blog Written By – Hanisha founder of Hany&Tech

A version of this blog was published as a feature article in The Paypers

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